New, Simpler Name – Same, Reliable Faces – Introducing ECLAT Tech, LLC

Since 2011 we’ve been here to provide you with access to hardware, software, licenses, expertise and guiding you along your journey to technological success. That’s been going pretty well. One thing that we haven’t been able to teach, though, is how to spell the word Technologically. Right from the beginning, we started running into it. We thought it was pretty clever. It’s a real word, and it contains :

  • Tech
  • no (think Know)
  • Logic
  • Ally

Well, that may well have been clever, but putting it altogether has resulted in entirely too much back and forth on corrected paperwork for all of us. So, vendors and customers alike, you may all now rejoice for we have finally simplified our name to :


More than just simplifying our name, though, we’re working on simplifying other areas of business, too. Stay tuned for more streamlined invoicing and billing, simpler service choices, and more in-stock equipment for a faster turnaround time on items that you use most.

Most of all, we’d like you to know that, yes, we were paying attention every time you complained about the name, and we’ve made the change you’ve all wanted to so long. Long live simple!